Yet another VPN network ready for peering!
This network is connected with DN42
Git Repo. here
Pull requests are welcomed!
Working language: zh_* / en_*


IXs      (,  ASN 4201270000)      (, ASN 4201270000)        (,  ASN 4201270006)         (,  ASN 4201270007)

Address Allocation

All IPv4 addresses are under the range
All IPv6 addresses are under the range fd10:127::/32
see route and route6 for allocated subnet.


DNS Anycast is currently on for IPv4 and fd10:127:53:53:: for IPv6. All domain names are under “.neo”.

Certificate Authority

Root certificate can be downloaded from here. An acmev2-api is available at https://acme.neo/acme/acme/directory.

Files and Directories   Connection graph
asn/        BGP AS Number allocation
entity/     Entitys
route/      Network subnet allocation
vpn/        VPN configuration examples (Tinc & WireGuard)
dns/        Bind9 DNS zone files and example configuration